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July 20, 2016

Upgrading the CCLR systems today we were reminded about this aamzing 9000 petri dish installation we created for Julia Lohmann in the windows of the Wellcome Trust on London's Esuton Road.


Installed as part of The Co-Existence exhibition, the dishes contained pixelated images of Bacteria colonies of the most common species,

Combined with perspex and lighting to form the shape of a naked woman, the positioning of each microbe within the artwork showed the part of the body in which it most commonly lives.


For the project, Lohmann consulted Professor Michael Wilson a Microbiologist at the
UCL Eastman Dental Institute, whose book ‘Bacteriology of Humans: An Ecological Perspective’ describes the bacterial communities that live on the body.


Information from this book was used to identify and grow those bacterial species which inhabit particular regions of the body, of which a total of 750 images were photographed and reproduced throughout the window.






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